Taming Turnover by Paula J. MacLean EBOOK


The quality of your organization’s human resources practices connect directly to employee retention. Turnover costs organizations tens of thousands of dollars a year – this money comes right off your bottom line. Employee retention requires more than rewards or recognition programs. Taming Turnover shows you how to measure turnover and then helps you develop low-cost, high-impact strategies that will help you attract and keep talented and competent people in your organization.

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Every employee who leaves your organization costs you thousands of dollars. Avoiding unnecessary turnover by improving employee retention strategies returns money directly to your bottom line. Taming Turnover shows you how to implement dozens of low-cost high impact strategies that will create a happier, more motivated workforce.Content includes:
• Defining avoidable and unavoidable turnover
• Measuring your turnover rate – benchmarking
• Setting realistic targets for future retention
• Creative recruitment strategies
• 15 mistakes that managers and supervisors make that INCREASE turnover!
• 25 strategies that guarantee improved retention
• Two Sample employee satisfaction surveys
A reader says “we want to become an “employer of choice”…Taming Turnover helped us improve our internal work-processes, increased our retention rates and cut our recruitment costs by thousands of dollars annually.”
ISBN 096844301X


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1 review for Taming Turnover by Paula J. MacLean EBOOK

  1. Gail

    We used [this book] to get down to the stats of our [turnover] issue
    (Posted on 5/24/11)- Executive Director

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