Great Boards Plain and Simple – A Guidebook for Non-Profit Managers & Board Members by Paula J MacLean

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Prevent or solve challenges with your volunteer board of directors with this plain language guidebook. Great Boards Plain and Simple is the only comprehensive Canadian guidebook written specifically for non-profit organizations. Includes 100+ topics arranged alphabetically for quick reference. A must have for all Executive Directors/CEOs and board volunteers.

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Great Boards Plain and Simple – Comprehensive guidebook for Canadian and U.S. non profit boards of directors.

Whether you are an executive director of a non-profit organization or a volunteer member of a non- profit board, Great Boards Plain and Simple helps you develop and maintain strong partnerships as senior leaders in your organization. Best-selling author Paula J. MacLean brings 35+ years experience as an executive director working with non-profit boards, board volunteer, human resource consultant and adult educator. Follow the tips and strategies on 60+ topics, arranged alphabetically for quick access.
Content includes:

• Creating strong board-staff relationships
• Clarifying board and executive director roles and responsibilities
• Conducting executive director performance appraisals
• Managing risk management and liability
• Recruiting new board members
• Creating or revising your Bylaws
• Managing meetings (motions, minutes, in-camera sessions)
• Facilitating strategic planning
• Creating productive committees.

Great Boards Plain and Simple is the only comprehensive guidebook written specifically for non-profit board of directors and senior managers who work with non-profit boards. A “not-for-profit book,” Great Boards is the best-selling book on non-profit governance in Canada. It has helped thousands of boards solve the real-life challenges faced by non-profit board leaders. Strategies are equally as applicable to non-profit organizations in the United States.

Readers call this book for non-profit organizations a “must-have resource” that answers “any question about working with or on a non profit board of directors”. It is an essential and “one-of-a-kind” book for non profit organizations leaders.

ISBN 09684430 3 6

368 pages Soft Cover; Coil bound; Third Printing 2007

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7 reviews for Great Boards Plain and Simple – A Guidebook for Non-Profit Managers & Board Members by Paula J MacLean

  1. Gail

    Practical and applicable Review by Jane
    5 Star Rating!
    After years of staffing a large board, I finally found the tables turned and sitting as a chair of a not-for-profit board. I turned to this resource for every situation when I had questions or was looking for something new to try. There wasn’t a single issue that came up for me that wasn’t covered somewhere in this book. On occasion, I read it and realized we could improve in areas I hadn’t even thought of. The workbook is great too! Thanks Paula!! (Posted on 5/26/11)

  2. Rated 5 out of 5


    Great tool for our organization! Review by Shannon
    Useful tool for restructuring our profit organization to a non-profit organization. A great Canadian guide for the executive director and future board. Looking forward to using the workbook for additional tool. (Posted on 5/25/11)

  3. Gail

    First Book We Purchased Review by CEO
    This was the first book that we purchased …..we used it as the “primer” for our board in its development stages of learning governance. It been great to have something Canadian that board members who are volunteers could read that was simple, easy and to the point !!!!!

  4. Gail

    We continue to use it as part of our board orientation package as one of the many resources we provided to each new board member !!!!! (Posted on 5/24/11)

  5. Gail

    Every Board Member should have one. Review by Esther
    Everytime we have a new Board Member elected, we give them this book as a resource. It is a wonderful resource / reference guide. Easy to read and find topics quickly. (Posted on 5/19/11)

  6. Gail

    A Staple for any Non-Profit Review by Executive Director
    This book is a must have for any non-profit. No nonsense guide to all the issues you will likely face. An important resource.

  7. Rated 5 out of 5

    Nicke Paddock

    One of the best resources I have ever come across for work..EVER. As an Executive Director who works with our board and as a board member for another organization I highly recommend this as a tool for a healthy board/management relationship and proper etiquette. So easy to read and so knowledgeable! It covers every topic. It is especially great to keep those difficult board members “in place”.

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