7 New Rules for the Sandbox – The ABCs of Generational Retention by Paula J. MacLean

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Ground-breaking research into generational differences and similarities is the foundation for 7 New Rules for the Sandbox. This book focuses on how-to develop and sustain cross-generational teams that are productive and cohesive – helping people appreciate each other’s strengths and understand each other’s unique perspectives on life and work.

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7 New Rules for the Sandbox – How to understand and manage generational diversity in the workplace

Today, organizational success hinges on creating a workplace that attracts, engages and retains employees from all generations. 7 New Rules for the Sandbox – The ABCs of Generational Retention, helps managers and supervisors understand generational diversity and how to successfully support each of the four generations in the workplace. Best-selling author and human resources consultant Paula J. MacLean draws on 35+ years’ experience, and shows you how to adapt organizational practices to create harmony for all four generations in the workplace.

Based on recent groundbreaking research, this book on generational diversity will help you create better policies and practices that work best with Traditionalists, Baby Boomers, and Generations X & Y. Discover what attracts each generation to your organization and how on to adapt your leadership style to engage and retain each age group. Readers of 7 New Rules found the book to be an “excellent resource to increase understanding of generational diversity” and to help prevent generational conflict.

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4 reviews for 7 New Rules for the Sandbox – The ABCs of Generational Retention by Paula J. MacLean

  1. Gail

    I read with great interest, loved the content of the information and was so interested in implementation that we did hire Paula to conduct a employee survey within our organization ….to get our results ……Paula then presented the information to our board and management team!!!! It was great……and we still use it today

  2. Rated 5 out of 5


    Excellent Review by Roxanna
    This book was informative and a soild bases on which to review our organizational needs!!! After reading it at our management level we hired Paula to conduct a more detailed anyalais on our organization which had amazing results !!!

  3. Gail

    An exceptional tool in today’s workplace Review by Pixie
    This book was so informative and easy to read. It helped me to better understand the differences in each generation. We have a very diverse group of people in our workplace and this helped to muddle through the dialogue that might work. I was able to put it to immediate use.

  4. Gail

    Excellent Review by Boss
    This is an excellent depiction of the generational issues in the workplace. It has helped me gain a better understanding and develop strategies to assist me with the varying generational differences.

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