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Paula MacLean has penned advice on hundreds of topics specifically for the nonprofit sector. Her books have been used as text books  in courses offered at several Canadian colleges & universities. What’s more, “Supervisor’s Big Book of Answers” & “Great Boards Plain & Simple” are  Canadian “Best Sellers”. We hope you will find the following resources helpful! 




Ten Things That Make A Supervisor Great

Managing Generational Diversity

 The Four Quarters of Board Work

 Two Types of Performance Issues

Getting Positive Results When Using Progressive Discipline

Archived Issues of “10 Tips…” Newsletters

Have A Listen


Today, organizational success hinges on creating a workplace that attracts, engages and retains employees from all generations. Renee McGivern of “Nonprofit Spark” speaks with Paula J. MacLean about practical strategies for creating multi-generational harmony in the workplace.


Conducting regular surveys of employee satisfaction is a recommended “best practice” in nonprofit organizations. Employee satisfaction is the single most important factor that determines future employee retention. Satisfaction (or morale or engagement) is a measurable outcome of your management, administrative and supervisory practices and policies. Listen as Paula MacLean, author and human resource consultant to the nonprofit sector, discusses the in’s and out’s of the process to carry out this important project.


Paula J. MacLean demystifies effective delegation. Get past “If you want it done right…do it yourself!” by ensuring the tasks are delegated to the right people.