Employee Satisfaction Surveys


As well as offering books targeted specifically for the nonprofit sector, MMCS Ltd. (parent company of Silver Creek Press) can provide your organization with service when it is time to do your next employee satisfaction survey!

Knowing (not assuming!) what your employees “really think” helps you target the right areas for improvement in your organization. Employee satisfaction and good morale are essential for quality service to your clients. Finding your strengths and discovering where improvements are needed helps to move your organization forward on the right path. Employee satisfaction surveys (or their close cousin, employee engagement surveys) helps you set your priorities and use your time and money wisely.

Employee satisfaction surveys are important but time consuming and as a priority, often fall to the bottom of a “To-Do” list.


Take advantage of MMCS Ltd.’s 30+ years of experience working with nonprofit agencies like yours.  We know this sector.

We promise a personal approach with you and your agency as we  guide  you through an uncomplicated process, providing all the tools and assistance you need to design an agency specific, customized survey. Our know- how and well thought out approach to employee surveys will eliminate all your heavy lifting, ensuring confidentiality and return rates of 80% .

No confusion, no missteps, no wasted time. Just a smooth, well organized project that quickly delivers specific information you need to know about.

If this is a task that has been on  your “To-Do” list longer that it should be, let us help.

Contact us today!