Here are the archived copies on the “10 Tips..” Newsletters for Managers & Supervisors.




September 2012 Constructive Critical Feedback

November 2012 Performance Appraisals

January 2013 Working with Gen “Y”

March 2013 Productive Work Groups and Committees

April 2013 Motivational Magic

October 2013 How to Survey Staff Satisfaction

Nov 2013 10 Tips for Engaging Employees

Feb. 2014 Best Practices for Interviewing Prospective Employees

March 2014 Checking References

April 2014 Social Media Buffet-Something for Everyone

June 2014 Successful Delegation

July 2014 Boost Recruitment with Employee Referrals – July 2014 Mgrs and Supervisors

August 2014 360 Degree Performance Appraisals